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In a world of debates, there are still discussions about whether to opt for a Professional Deep Cleaning Service or go the DIY route. We understand that everyone has different choices and preferences, but let’s not stretch this topic any further. We’ve got a guide for you comparing professional cleaning services and DIY cleaning methods.

Professional Deep Cleaning vs DIY Methods: A Comprehensive Guide

A professional cleaning service and self-cleaning are somewhat similar, yet there are notable differences between the two.

XPROWN's skilled professionals providing thorough deep cleaning

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning service involves a comprehensive and meticulous cleaning conducted by skilled professional housekeepers.

In this service, cleaning experts visit your place and perform a thorough cleaning.

They focus on every corner of your house, addressing tricky, hard-to-reach corners, hidden allergens in carpets and sofas to greasy and oily stoves and tackling tough stains on floors.

Investing in a professional deep cleaning service plays a crucial role for you and your family, as they give you a fresh, dust and germ-free house.

Self – Cleaning

On the flip side, self-cleaning is not necessarily harmful, but does it truly provide you with the same benefits?

In self-cleaning, you have to carve out time from your busy schedule and then invest in purchasing items for the deep cleaning process.

Then you have to move the furniture around and clean every nook and cranny of your house—those hard-to-reach corners, stained carpets or sofas, bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets, and more.

It is often better to invest your precious time in other tasks rather than spending your time, money, and effort on self-cleaning.

Process of Professional Deep Cleaning

Comparison of DIY cleaning products and tools used by XPROWN experts

Our professionals follow a structured process to guarantee a thorough and proper house clean.

Some steps may depend on the package, your specific needs, and the service providers, but the common steps followed in deep cleaning are:

Initial Assessment

The cleaning team visits your place to get an idea of the space. If they identify any specific requirements for areas that are not included or should be excluded, all these concerns are clarified.

Pre-Cleaning Preparation

The team initiates the process by shifting furniture or any obstacles that may hinder them during the cleaning.

Dusting And Wiping

Every piece of furniture, countertop, cabinets, appliances, etc., is thoroughly dusted and wiped down.

Deep Cleaning

The team then focuses on high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, tables, handles, etc. Through deep cleaning, they effectively remove bacteria and viruses.

Windows And Glass

The team cleans the windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces using a cleaning agent that removes smudges, fingerprints, and other marks.

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstered furniture and carpets are then cleaned using top-notch machines and vacuumed. This process removes dust, allergens, and stains that may have been embedded for years.

The result of investing in XPROWN's deep cleaning service_ a clean and healthy environmentVacuuming And Mopping

After dusting and cleaning every corner, it is time to tackle the floors. The floor is thoroughly vacuumed and mopped, using a powerful machine for an effective clean.

Final Inspection

At the end, after completing all the work, the team conducts a thorough inspection to ensure that everything has been covered properly.


Self-Cleaning Process

In a self-cleaning process, the steps may follow a similar pattern to professional deep cleaning, but the key distinction is that you have to handle every task yourself.

From the initial assessment to dusting, wiping, deep cleaning, and tasks like washing pillows, you take on the role of the entire cleaning team. While self-cleaning provides more control over the process, it also means investing your own time, effort, and resources.

The choice between professional deep cleaning and self-cleaning often depends on individual preferences, available time, and the desired level of thoroughness.

Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison: Professional vs DIY Cleaning Products

In this debate, the one point which always comes up is “which one is more cost-efficient”.

Professionals give you a quality service that does come at a cost, but it delivers the promised benefits that self-cleaning might not achieve.

With self-cleaning or the DIY approach, you’ll need to spend money on purchasing cleaning products, tools, and equipment. In contrast, professional cleaners come equipped with all the necessary products, saving you money compared to buying and maintaining those products yourself.

Doing a deep clean on your own can be time-consuming and physically demanding, especially if you have a large house and lack experience in cleaning.

By booking a deep cleaning service from XRPOWN you can save your precious time on other tasks which are more important.

Lastly, professionals know how to handle their work, possessing the necessary knowledge. Without specific information about the materials in our furniture, racks, or the fibers in carpets, using certain cleaning chemicals may have adverse effects.

Cleaning without proper knowledge can impact the lifespan of these items. When professionals handle the same tasks, it contributes to extending the lifespan of your products.


When guests visit, the positive impression your place leaves on them is more valuable than the initial investment. The returns include cost-saving benefits, prolonged furniture lifespan, and an overall improved house quality.

Embrace a cleaner and healthier environment by investing in XRPOWN’s deep cleaning service.

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